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Roadhouse is in the process of writing and recording, meanwhile here is some CDs and reviews of the band Blackpig. Both Dave Peck, and James Long of Roadhouse were the driving force of Blackpig.

Blackpig alive and choice pork
Bluesroom Records, 1996

Track List:
Black magic woman, Back to the zoo, Dancing in the moonlight, Dice, Electric Funeral, Freakshow, Girlfriend, Is what you are (lovely), Manic Depression, Too much monkey business, Police Brutality, I'm so alone, Sympathy for the Devil.

Comments: This disk contains many live performances of the band during the highlights of there career. The raw power of singer/songwriter Dave Peck is most evident throughout the recordings. The band's lead guitarist James Long thrills us with sheering solos and power chords that could stop a charging Rhino. Frank Palaski's dynamite percussive efforts are matched only by Manfred Grote's booming bass.

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Artist or Song Name:

Blackpig, Too Much Brutality.
Bluesroom Records 1993

Track list: Too much Brutality, Take your ass for a ride, Back too the zoo, Dice, Vintage, Monkey Business, Freakshow, Is what you are (Lovely), Please Little Lover, Sit back enjoy the ride.

1993s studio CD was the start of there touring sucess. Hits like Vintage, Dice, and Is what you are gives the feel of Hard Rock while Monkey Business, Freakshow and Too much Brutality shows Blackpig's blues based raw power. This CD was banded by most popular distributers due to its contraversal jacket. It had a picture of a Blackpig head wearing an afro, a LA police cap and badge. The pig/policeman was beating a group of women with a nightstick. This concept was developed during the Rodney King trial in LA.

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