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Roadhouse, Chicago's premier rock band
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The Hammond Moose Club performance was one to be remembered!  Special thanks to Southern Justice for inviting us to play.  Also thanks to Seven Ten's metal mania performance (don't like hair bands but they do it well)!!!  God bless the family of David Byrum and we all hope the funds help!  His memory will live on forever!

February 15th 2003 St. John's Pub in St. John, Indiana was one packed pub.  It was standing room only!  Roadhouse one again proved the strength of their following and performance.  A powerfull 3 1/2 hour show put their fans on their feet!!! 
November 16th 2002 Roadhouse was set on supercharge at The Fiddler's Elbow in Chicago ridge.  The local Irish crowd were heard saying "Roadhouse is the best thing since the end of the great potato famine".
November 2nd, 2002.  Playing for a packed Rosie O'gradys, Roadhouse once again proved their ability to capture and hold the crowd.  Thanks to Southern Justice for allowing Roadhouse to deliver the goods in a once again Superior performance!
August 31st, 2002 show was a outdoor extravaganza!  Which the cooporation of local police, this show was a "wing-dinger".  Thanks to the people of Lacross for there attendance and support.
May 19, 2001, Roadhouse presented a unbelievable performance for a packed Pump Room in Worth IL. Special thanks to The Strange for allowing Roadhouse to be a special guest. The audience appeared to be overwhelmed by Roadhouse's explosive demonstration of there ability to capture and "bring down the house"!

More reviews soon!

Excerpts from Roadhouse and prior bands fan mail.

From: DR. Death
Date: Sat May 13 08:52:25 2000
what reunion?

when and where is the next reunion? will come to collect for the damages from the last one!

From: Alan (
Date: Sat Feb 4 22:33:17 1994

Man, you guy really rock! I met James at the Kavs Korner show last week! I was with all the UIC crasy crowd. I couldn't believe the singer let us carry him into the audience! I your version of Black Magic Woman just kicked me in the balls! When can we catch you again?

From: ViRužkInG (
Date: Sun July 10 22:05:27 1994

I caught your show at the Outpost in Munster, In. last night. I must admit I was blown away. You seem to have a major following and I am one to join it. I think having a website and e-mail address on your flyers is a great idea too.

From: Doc
Date: Wed Oct 13 20:50:58 1999
black pig 1999 reunion

It was great to see the band back together again! sounded better then ever. hope you guys get a new tour started. it was a jammin night at the studio for the reunion night so send that CD out!

From: Julie (
Date: Sun Mar 7 13:13:55 1997
Black Pig

You guys really kicked ass! Especially that jammin' bass player! What Happened--they all became singers!

From: kOrI (uhm)
Date: Sat May 16 22:55:06 1995
just one thing

so i noticed no mention of your number one frigen groupie thats real nice real frigen nice!
Ya know the groupie is what actually makes the band ! but i see you dont care no one cares im just gonna kill somebody maybe i'll just kill myself. hmm and all i wanted was a pepsi just one pepsi but you wouldnt give it to me you wouldnt give me a pepsi!

From: OG Bobby 6 killer
Date: Sun May 3 16:43:40 1996

Mass has ended, let us go in peace. Rock on Blackpig!

From: Maria (
Date: Tue Mar 31 21:29:22 1996

Where do you guys live now, and why did you break up? Oh well, it rocked while it lasted!!! Lets hope for a reunion tour!!!

From: harleyd (
Date: Tue Mar 24 21:04:40 1996

wish black pig was still jammin so they could play at one of our upcoming events! its hard to find bad ass bands like yours.

From: acidjesus
Date: Tue Jun 6 15:29:34 2000
thank god you didn't quit your day jobs !

I bet you think your cool now , but a wireless system doesn't make you Eddie Van Halen and a web page doesn't make you a Star you are legends in your own minds.

From: Steve
Date: Thu Jun 8 00:24:53 2000
You guys rock

I can tell the guy above never saw Blackpig live!
If he did he would know how much you rock, and I don't ever remember you doing any VanHalen covers, what the fuck is he thinking? Guess he is just having penis envy!

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